Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MEDIA ADVISORY--Credentialed media is welcome to attend Northeast Regional Angel Investor Conference tomorrow at the Portsmouth Sheraton, or to query the presenters about current trends in angel investing before or after the conference. (Wikipedia: Angel investor.)
Interesting note: Villalobos and Sohl have won the last two Hans Severiens Awards.

It's always great to see Portsmouth at the center of technology innovation, and these angel conferences (we hosted one here a couple years ago, as well) are a real feather in the eCoast cap.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I can't tell you how many times I've been on my way out to vote in local elections, and the people around me would ask, "How do you even know who to vote for?" It's a pervasive and persistent problem. Voter turnout in Portsmouth -- a city of moderate size, a well-educated populace, and two daily newspapers -- is typically about 25%.

Incumbents, of course, have some measure of name recognition from their prior service; however, they are known entities only to meetings-goers and religious local newspaper readers. As for the challengers, unless you know someone personally who happens to be running for city council or the school board, they are virtual unknowns. To get your name out there is a marketing problem, of course, but local elections are small-scale endeavors, with candidate's entire marketing and publicity budgets being spent on... Yard signs.

Ah yes, the yard sign, that ubiquitous harbinger of local elections. You see them on every street corner, clustered together, popping up, multiplying like mushrooms overnight. It's not been proven that the candidate with the most signs around town wins, but that's the way the candidates play it, and they aren't taking any chances!

Now, here in Portsmouth, our elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 6. I have a pretty good idea of who I'm supporting, but for the other 90% of Portsmouth residents who are understandably clueless, there is now an answer to the eternal question: "Who ARE all these people?"

Enter PortsmouthVoter.org. It won't tell you who to vote for -- that you've still got to figure out for yourself -- but you'll be able to see all the candidates together in one place, BEFORE you enter the voting booth. Your civic responsibility has never been so easy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congratulations going out to KDPaine & Partners, who went down to NYC and came away with a much-coveted PRNews Platinum Award yesterday! They took the Research & Measurement category; visit Katie's excellent blog and see the actual award-winning entry.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quick shout-out to two e-Coast companies, PixelMedia and Port City Web, who have placed finalist entries in the prestigious 2007 MITX Awards, which were announced last week. These awards recognize the best in web site design in New England, so it's quite a coup.

The MITX Awards, of course, used to be the MIMC Awards. After the dot-com blow-out, the organization decided to change their name from Massachusetts Interactive Media Council to Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange. So now instead of saying "mimic" we say "my-techs." I guess that's sorta better? I have fond memories of going down there with Flywire crew and mingling with the dot-com jet-set down in Boston. Penn from Penn & Teller was the MC! I believe he might've eaten fire, right there in hotel conference room during his speech. Ah, those heady days. Come along Sherman, to the Way-Back Machine of the MIMC Awards! (This link shows winners in each category back to 1996.)

In any event, the competition for these awards was always very stiff, and judging from this year's entries, it appears that it still is. Best of luck to our Portsmouth-based entrants!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cooked up my own "non-Brew" tonight... Just too hungry and tired after I got out of work to go out and socialize and network. Sorry I missed everybody. But to make it up to you, my loyal readers, I'll post this fantastic map of Portsmouth's soon-to-be wi-fi network. Thanks to Tom at the Portsmouth Chamber for putting this together.

Hopefully your screen resolution can see the colored circles, but for your reference, blue is the initial phase, and the yellow will happen later on.

Meanwhile, lots happening with Buzz clients so I've got to work on that... More news soon.