Thursday, April 30, 2009

There once was a blog...

Once was a blog called The Campbell Scoop;
It was tended every week or two.
But the blogger got bored,
The poor blog was ignored,
Now everybody asks, What's the poop?!


Sorry I've been "away," but in my defense, there really hasn't been much to report on lately. But recently I met at the Chamber of Commerce with Doug Bates, Tom Cocchiaro, and eCoast veterans such as Arlon Chaffee and Josh Cyr. There was lively discussion about the past -- and more importantly, the future -- of the eCoast. There was some grousing about false starts and dropped balls, but when we recalled the various events and programs we instituted back in the day, we became animated and proud -- fond memories came flooding back of the TechCrawl, the TechWorld Expo, and numerous committees and their pet projects. Perhaps the fondest memories were of the eCruise, our yearly eBrew excursion aboard the Thomas Laighton, and the good news is, after a year hiatus, the eCruise is back! We've got a major sponsor: SEEDA. And we've got a date: July 16th! More sponsorship opportunities are available, so contact Tom at the Chamber at (603) 610-5520 or email him.

See you onboard!