Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today is all about wi-fi. As my press release states below, we're re-launching the wi-fi hotspot in downtown Portmouth -- right in front of the New Breaking New Grounds -- and we're also launching the new hotspot in Prescott Park! I was interviewed this morning on New Hampshire Public Radio about it (listen to The Exchange at They asked a few questions I didn't expect, and didn't ask one I did, namely "Who is involved in this project?" so I had to try hard to work in the project sponsors to give them their props. I didn't even get a chance to mention Buzz on a Budget or the project's web site! Happily, if people go to NHPR's site, they'll be able to link over to all of us. But for the record, once again here are the project sponsors who have generously donated their time, equipment, and resources:

BayRing Communications for the bandwidth (
Single Digits for equipment and hotspot management software (
Port City Web for hosting (

Along with myself, and:

Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce (
eCoast Technology Roundtable (
City of Portsmouth (
Prescott Park Arts Festival (

We also got picked up today on Wi-Fi Planet! Thanks to Eric Griffith for picking that up... Check it out:

I hope to see some friendly faces at the park today at 1PM. ;-)

Hi Natalie! ;-)

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