Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Tech leaders identify issues"--Ports. Herald

Interesting takes on the state of the eCoast economy from some of our best and brightest!  Check it out and best of luck in 2006!  Thanks to Tom Cocchiaro, Josh Cyr, Steve Wrenn, Marc Dole, Bob Good, Jeff Sohl, and the editors at the Portsmouth Herald.  

I like Marc Dole's answer in particular: 
"The biggest issue for the high-tech community in New Hampshire is finding the right people for a really growing market. We have some very good, talented people here, but there seems to be a ceiling on the numbers available who have the experience to meet our needs, to the point where we find ourselves having to attract people from other states. It's not that hard to do because this is a great place to live, and the cost of living is relatively low compared to some of the other high-tech centers around the country, but it's still hard to find people with just the right skills and who will fit in with the rest of our team."
This of course is and has been a main goal of the eCoast movement all along.  Getting the word out about what a great place to live and work will make our area attractive to the talent that our local companies need to grow. 

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