Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The other day, The Portsmouth Herald ran a story (on the front page, top of the fold no less) on our little eCoast Wi-Fi Project.

First off, no, that guy with the long hair and glasses isn't me! Secondly, it's fairly hilarious that the story is illlustrated by photos of happy wi-fi'ers tap-tap-tapping away on laptops connected to wi-fi that isn't ours; we disconnected our seasonal hotspot several months ago! Finally, it's also funny in that we haven't even met to discuss this with the city yet, so this is all pretty premature.

Then they ran an editorial in support of our efforts (whatever they may be).

Now I've been contacted by another reporter from the Herald about the wi-fi thing, and apparently the Boston Globe has contacted us, as well. Pretty exciting... We certainly appreciate the support and the interest... I just wish we had something to announce!

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