Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nashua Wi-Fi Up July 4?

Very interesting, in-depth, and somewhat contentious article in the Nashua Telegraph here on Nashua's troubles getting its wi-fi project up and running. There's some good old-fashioned finger-pointing going on, since the launch has been delayed several times already, and they've given themselves another hard deadline of July 4th. "Our reputations are on the line," says Nashua Chamber of Commerce President Chris Williams. Talk about backing yourself into a corner! Then old friend Bob Goldstein from SingleDigits has some pointed things to say about how the project has been handled, or mishandled, so far.

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Anonymous said...


We were never in a corner! The Wireless Nashua free network has been live and active since just prior to July 4th, and covers Main Street downtown as promised. It has more backhaul gateways (i.e. more bandwidth) than ANY other 'free' downtown network in New Hampshire!

The Chamber of Commerce and all of the sponsors will participate in a formal press conference/launch of the network on the morning of July 16th in front of City Hall in Nashua.