Monday, July 21, 2008

Nashua Wi-Fi on NECN

Good piece here on NECN by Lauren Collins on the Nashua Wi-Fi launch last week. I like how she uses my favorite term "dowsing for signal!" From a muni wi-fi admin perspective, I like the idea of making the users go pick up a password in the local shops, but as a user, I'd find it at least mildly annoying. (I was in the Portsmouth library last week and was frustrated to realize that after I had gotten myself comfortable upstairs with my book and my laptop, the network log-in screen told me to back downstairs to the front desk for the password.) Also, I really dig the street signs in Nashua. Note to self: We need those here in Portsmouth.

Finally, it's very refreshing to see the media cover a wi-fi installation with a positive or neutral bias on its own merits, instead of bringing up old nay-saying arguments or invoking the demise of Earthlink.

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