Wednesday, May 06, 2009

eCoast Wi-Fi Expansion - Front page news unbeknownst to me!

I was just alerted by a friend on Facebook that my face is on the front page of I was sure she was mistaken, but I clicked over to see and sure enough, there's me... Albeit a younger and pony-tailed version. So yes, our little wi-fi project is front-page news again!

At my meeting with the Chamber a couple weeks ago, I had heard we were getting close to installing another access point at Harbour Place. That's a great spot for it, as it will hit the Prescott Park, marina, and that end of Daniel Street.

The holy grail, however, would be in hitting the decks. I was at Ferry Landing a few weeks ago for dinner and while we waited, I pulled out my iPod Touch; although I was able to connect to a network (Linksys), there was sadly no Internet behind it. Deck coverage would be awesome -- just think of the bar bets you could settle instantly with access to or Wikipedia!

I am also hoping we can save a few dollars from our $10,000 grant money to put up a some signage. A couple street signs on the sidewalk -- say one in Market Square and one in Prescott Park -- would serve to to let pedestrian tourists know there's wi-fi in the air.

We should also get some coverage maps printed up for the Chamber kiosk. If you've got any clever marketing ideas to get the word out, please e-mail me or comment below. Thanks and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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