Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Portsmouth Company Sold

Congrats to Portsmouth firm BeyondTrust on its successful sale to California-based Symark. This was reported by Jackie Noblett in Mass High Tech yesterday. The deal closed August 19th and as you can see from BeyondTrust's web site, the company has decided to adopt the BeyondTrust brand. This sale represents yet another feather in the caps of Eric Voskuil and John Moyer, who previously co-founded DesktopStandard (formerly AutoProf) and sold it to a little company called Microsoft in 2006. BeyondTrust was a spin-out company born out of that sale, and now it too has been sold -- a neat (and profitable) trick to be sure. Most importantly, according to correspondent Dave Choate in today's Portsmouth Herald, the Portsmouth location will retain its employees at its Brewery Lane location.
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