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Spotlight to Shine on NH High-Tech Firms at TechWorld 2010

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As you may recall, I was interviewed by Michael McCord for the Portsmouth Herald a few weeks ago regarding the eCoast's upcoming TechWorld conference at Pease.  Here's an op-ed piece I've written to help publicize the event; this one's the blogified version, complete with links!

BTW, in preparing this piece, I did some poking around the interwebs and found the Tenants at Pease (TAP) web site; check out all the technology companies on Pease!

I hope they all participate in some way shape or form.  As we tech geeks say, "Be square and be there!"  (Actually I just made that up!  What do you think?  It could catch on, eh?!) 

Spotlight to Shine on NH High-Tech Firms at TechWorld 2010

Gov. John Lynch to Present NH High Tech Council's InfoXchange Awards

By D. Scott Campbell

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Back in the day in Y2K, the eCoast – a special committee of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce – hosted TechWorld 2000, an expo of New Hampshire Seacoast technology businesses. Now, exactly 10 years later, TechWorld 2010 will return on October 14 and 15. Simply put, if you're in the area and you're in high-tech, this conference will be the place to be.

TechWorld 2010 marks a time for looking forward to the technologies of tomorrow, and for looking back on the successes of NH-based high-tech businesses. At TechWorld 2000 a decade ago, the Internet was a wild frontier and the emphasis was on start-ups. Now that the dust has settled, Portsmouth-based companies like PixelMedia, Bottomline Technologies, BayRing Communications, and Newmarket International have proven themselves leaders in their fields and leaders in the community.

In fact, there are scores of as-yet-untold high-tech business success stories all throughout the state. It may come as a surprise to those who think of ski trips, leaf-peeping, and presidential primaries when they think of NH, but fully one-third of the gross state product is high-tech. Large firms like Liberty Mutual, FairPoint Communications, and PCConnection remain among NH's top high-tech employers, but the state's many small and mid-size technology firms represent the state's future of job creation and innovation. TechWorld 2010 is the chance for technology-focused companies of all sizes to promote, recruit, demonstrate, network, and celebrate their successes.

What's else is different 10 years later? TechWorld 2010 marks the first collaboration between eCoast and the New Hampshire High Tech Council (NHHTC). In what is sure to be the highlight of the proceedings, NH Governor John Lynch himself will present the NHHTC's annual InfoXchange Awards. By bridging the Nashua-Manchester tech corridor with Portsmouth's eCoast, expo organizers hope more cooperation and "cross-pollination" will occur across the state. Even better, unlike TechWorld 2000, this conference will span two days, allowing out-of-towners the chance to experience the fine dining and lodging that Portsmouth has to offer.

There will be three separate tracks for conference participants to follow: Technology, Business, and Career Growth. TechWorld 2010 will feature a NH TweetUp, free wi-fi, an after-party reception, and lots of opportunities to see and be seen, so don't wait another 10 years! The call for sponsors and speakers is happening now so reserve your place in the spotlight!

The Details

What: TechWorld 2010
When: October 14 and 15
Where: Celestica Building, 72 Pease Boulevard, Pease International
Tradeport, Portsmouth.  (That's 43.088934, -70.810382 fo you GPS'ers)
Who: Speakers include Gov. John Lynch and DRED Director George Bald.
Tickets: Start at $25. Click here to buy yours now!
Exhibitors: $400 per booth
Sponsorships: From $750.
Deadlines: Early bird prices expire 8/31.
More info:,, @ecoasttech
Contact: Salina McIntire at or 610-5514.

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