Monday, October 04, 2010

NH Tech Economy Recovering Faster, Leading New England

Good interview here by Fred Kocher, New Hampshire's Business on WMUR-TV.  (Click the link to play; can't find any embedding code.) 

Quotable quote:  Jason Alexander of Alexander Technology Group.  No, a different Jason Alexander, not this Jason Alexander!  Anyway, he's the founder of the eponymously named IT staffing company and he had this to say about the hiring climate in NH these days:

"There's a lot of momentum coming out of this recession.  We're seeing a faster turnaround coming out of this recession as opposed to the previous turnaround from the dot-com bust." 

This quote seemed to flummox Mr. Kocher, who apparently isn't used to hearing such upbeat prognosi.

This was an interview I almost got roped into giving myself, but these guys did a great job in my stead -- and it was a lot shorter drive for them, so... good on them.    

Nice shout-outs for eCoast and TechWorld here, including on-screen graphics.  (Oooooh, fancy!)

Speaking of TechWorld, you get your tickets yet?  Go here and get 'em while the gettin's good.  

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