Monday, December 13, 2010

What’s in a name? Problems for Web firms -

My pal Jay Dogopoulos runs a web hosting service here in New Hampshire called Dynamic Internet, Inc. It's also sometimes referred to as, which is a URL that redirects to [Full disclosure: I use them for my e-mail and domain hosting, and they've been a long-time client of BuzzonaBudget PR services.]

There's also a company here in New Hampshire called Dynamic Network Services. [Full disclosure: I met few nice guys from there at the TechWorld after-party.]

Then came Wikileaks.

Then came Dyn's (that's the 2nd company) decision to "pull the plug" on Wikileaks.

Then this:

And this:

And this:

In light of the Wikileaks controversy, Jay took the initiative to clarify any potential confusion between the two companies and issued a press release. (Actually, it's more of a media advisory.) The result was a great overview of the situation written by the incomparable David Brooks for the Nashua Telegraph:

What’s in a name? Problems for Web firms -

The upshot of this release is that any potential negative effect on Dynamic Internet has been preempted. Moreover, a smaller firm has garnered positive press on the heels of a major media story, and the media and the public are better informed.

And yet the confusion continues, in still another way!

And now breaking news, Wikileaks is back up and running:

If Shakespeare were alive today, would he ask, "What's in a domain name?" Wow.

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