Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Alarm is set for 2:55AM. Yep, only for the #VZWiphone

The process has been pretty smooth and quiet.  I signed up for the e-mail notifications while I was live-blogging from the local Verizon Wireless store.  Since then, I've received just a couple missives from Verizon Wireless.  One told me how to prep for the move (including instructions to sign up for an iTunes account, as if I didn't already have one) and one that told me that I could pre-order the phone starting at 3AM on Feb 3. 

3AM???  I had to laugh.  But they were serious.  The release date, the street date, to all the plebs and unwashed masses is Feb 10.  But my time is now.  VZ also sent me a reminder e-mail today, in case it might've slipped my mind. 

I've logged into our VZ account and reviewed the upgrade options available on my line.  (We have a family plan.)  I'm due a "New Every Two" phone.  In fact, truth be told, I've been eligible to upgrade my old LG flip phone since 10/11/09.  Why didn't I upgrade to another smart phone in the meantime?  Simple answer: I didn't want a smart phone--I wanted the iPhone.  And after many fits, starts, head-fakes, and rumors, the long-awaited Verizon iPhone is here.

Verizon has laid out the facts in their FAQ to prepare us for the occasion. 

One question that is unanswered is what price I'll have to pay.  Verizon's said flat out on their site that I'm "eligible" for an upgrade on this line, and that VZ users can in fact apply "New Every Two credit" toward the iPhone.  I expect this to mean the $199 unit will cost me $99, but we shall see.  I know we'll add a $30 monthly charge for data.  I don't know if I'll spring for the $20 for the hotspot data feature. 

Meanwhile, the reviews are coming in from TechCrunch and Walter Mossberg and David Pogue and all the others who got advance copies.  Read 'em if you want, but they all say the same thing: It was worth the wait.

I would've liked to have the iPhone in my hands for the eBrew, but I should have it in hand for my birthday on Feb. 10.  (If, that is, I can wake up in time to be one of the first buyers.)  

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