Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dover Eats Fat Tuesday

Everybody knows me as sort of a Mr. Portsmouth. I live here, I work here, I volunteer here. It's rare to see me out and about anyplace else. But on Tuesday, I got a call from my pal David Flood. "Join me for the Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl in Dover tonight," he said. "My treat." "Ummm... Okie dokie," I said.

Because I work until 8PM on Tuesdays, I met up with him late. I missed him by seconds at the Central Wave, which was already stop number 4, I believe, on the crawl. So, I proceeded to catch him up at The Orchard Street Chop Shop. I'm supposed to have a ticket or some kind of wrist band or something, apparently, but "I'm with the camera guy," I told the doorman. He nodded in the direction of the stairs.

I met up with Dave and he was still working the room and directing his assistant Matt to shoot b-roll. Soon, however, he was casually interviewing Koz, the head chef, next to me at the bar. You see, Mr. Flood produces hyperlocal web TV news segments. All the video is online at He calls it "NH's first live and on demand online TV channel." Under this umbrella, he runs multiple programs on a wide variety of subjects, from health and beauty, to home and garden, to food and drink, to local events of interest.

On this Fat Tuesday, he was enjoying himself to be sure, but he was also working. I was a mere observer, and what I observed was that he has an eye for the shot, and an easy rapport with the clientele, the management, and even the entertainment. As the wing-man for this man-about-town, it was clear I was in good hands for the evening.

By the time we hit Fury's Publick House, formerly known as Biddy Mulligans, formerly known as (hmmm... can't remember), everybody was well lubricated for the band, which featured local guitar legend Tim Theriault. If you haven't seen him before, he rocks. A lot.

David Flood of interviews a reveler at Fury's

Fury's drew a tough assignment as the last stop on the pub crawl, but Emma and the crew behind the bar took good care of us, despite the decibels and the droves of drinkers.

Summing up, to borrow from Dos Equis... I don't always party in Dover, but when I do, I prefer to party with David, the city's most interesting man!

Go ahead and watch the video now... Enjoy!

(Note the visual evidence of my attendance at 9:05 into the reel; my green and white plaid Celtics hat makes a brief appearance along the bottom of the screen!)

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