Monday, June 11, 2012

Melanie Puts a Pin In It at Alpha Loft

After the Social Media Club of NH event last week at Alpha Loft, a mutual acquaintance approached me and gushed: "I always knew you were great, but your wife is amazing!"

(It's nice to know I married up.)

The seminar my wife, renown social media expert Melanie Burger, had just led for 3 dozen professionals was on Pinterest -- the latest social media sensation which lets you "pin" interesting things to a virtual wall.  I liken it to the collages we used to display on our college dorm room doors under clear contact paper.  Remember?  We posted pictures of cars, athletes, models, rock bands, artists... basically, all the things we liked.

If you recall, more girls doors had more stuff displayed on their doors than boys -- well, the same is true of Pinterest users: Over 2/3rds are women. The attendance at the SMCNH event was also 2/3rds women, but men and businesses (especially those targeting women) are quickly closing the gap.

So how exactly are businesses using Pinterest?  What can Pinterest do to extend your brand?  If you're an entrepreneur, you need to be on Facebook, tweeting, and pinning?  These are the kinds of questions Melanie was answering.  If you're like me and couldn't make the event itself (although I caught the after-party!), the Social Media Club of NH site reviewed the event here

Want more?  Below are Melanie's slides.

Want even more of Melanie?  Sorry, she's taken.  :-)

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