Tuesday, April 08, 2008

They Will Appease Us

Good news to report from the Corporations-Screwing-Scott File.

DirecTV (NYSE: DTV) and I had a nice chat on the phone yesterday. They've discounted our bill about 19% for the next year, and we got one free day of NFL Sunday Ticket. (Did you know you can buy Sunday Ticket the day of the game, just for the day?!) They also helped us discover a package on our bill that we thought we needed for NESN, but didn't. Good news, we save $23/mo; bad news, we've been spending $23/mo. So we are appeased, for now. With today being the Red Sox home opener and World Series ring ceremony at Fenway, there's no chance the picture will go out again, right?!

Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that our Florida vacation is saved! My mom sprung into action and was able to secure 1-way tickets with Southwest and JetBlue. Of course, these tickets cost considerably more than the $30 seats we had secured with SkyBus. Does the Bush administration see the irony here? They want us to not hesitate to spend to "keep the economy going," but when we plan a vacation, the airline goes under due to fuel costs that are nearly twice what they had budgeted for. These fuel costs are, of course, a result of: 1.) Unstable conditions in the Middle East, caused by our invasion of Iraq; 2.) A plummeting dollar caused by Bush's economic policies; and 3.) Corporate greed on the part of the oil companies. So now we're spending 5 times more for the flight, which will obviously affect our spending power on the vacation considerably. So much for your "economic stimulus package," Mr. Bush!

OK, so that was a rant. This was supposed to be a good news blog filing, but I got off on a tangent there. Sorry about that. Stay tuned for another good news post later today, which will be entitled "Local Girl Makes Good." Or "My Pizza Girl Sure Can Sing." Or something else that doesn't suck so much.

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