Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jon Stewart Explains why the Verizon iPhone is a Big Deal

Some might not get why I'm so jazzed about the Verizon iPhone.  It's partly because I've been waiting so long for it.  I've held out and made do for the past couple years: 

Yes, that's the LG flip phone 5400 on the right.  I've had it about 3 years, or about 12 in technology years.  I'm ridiculed regularly at the eBrew and have been asked to turn in my Geek Card on more than one occasion.  You can laugh, but don't judge me.  ;-)  On the left is my iPod Touch, which I dearly love, but of course, makes no phone calls.  So I carry them both.  Annoying. And texting on the number pad? It ain't pretty, pardner. 
And frankly, I've held out so long it's become a bit of a White Whale (if not a White iPhone)... a personal test of my fortitude... could I suffer along with this flip phone while everybody and his mother (literally, my mom and dad both have them) gets iPhones before me?  We've got a great family plan with Verizon and switching providers would've caused us to take quite a hit in the checking account. 

But if you don't believe me that the VZ iPhone a big deal, would you believe Jon Stewart?  He is, of course, the most trusted newscaster on TV.  Being the genius he is, he makes the case more compellingly than I ever could. Enjoy:

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