Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Live from the Verizon Store in Portsmouth con't

Just tried VerizonWireless.com and got the splash page we've all been waiting for!

A great place to watch the news as it leaks out is http://www.macobserver.com/  This site is run locally in part by long-time Apple blogger David Hamilton of Durham.


I just "signed up" on the Verizon page.  Not sure what that does or what that actually, you know, means.

On the floor here at the Verizon store, there was one fellow who had the same idea I had... wander in around 11AM on 1-11-11 and attempt to the be first to pre-order the new iPhone.  A graphic artist from Amesbury, he's a new Mac guy, having converted his whole house to Apple over the past 2 years.  He was also very excited about AAPL stock, which he and I agreed would be splitting soon.  At this time, 50 minutes into the Verizon Era, the stock is at 341.

Several people have walked in and asked for the new iPhone.  Yep, they're right out back, let me just go fetch one for you!  ;-)  People unclear on the concept. 

Breaking news... Now it looks like the street release date is February 10.  My birthday.  Yep, I know what I want! 

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