Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to The Campbell Scoop!

Today marks the 7th anniversary of my first blog post here on The Campbell Scoop!

This makes this blog a particularly long-lived one, to be sure, but it could've been even older; I was advising clients to start blogs for a year before I had started mine!

Interestingly, while the Internet evolves at breakneck pace, blogs themselves haven't changed all that much in the 7 years I've been blogging.  The advent of Facebook and Twitter (which is officially referred to as a "microblogging site") have usurped some of its thunder as an instant updater of your "status" and your current thinking, but blogs remain popular, powerful, and unchanged in format.  In fact, nowadays Facebook and Twitter often drive the blog, much like a headline drives a news story.  One thing that has changed?  Nobody refers to them as "web-blogs" anymore.  

Blogs remain a great way for people to share their personal thoughts and interests on any and all topics, and businesses continue to use blogs as a supplement to, or even a replacement for, their web sites.  Blogs allow businesses to get personal about what they do, publish and distribute news (like a press release), and they help boost your search engine optimization, too.

If you're interested in starting your own blog for your business, let us know and we'll be glad to help you get started.  There are many questions you'll need to answer, and often what's right for one blog might not be ideal for another.  For example:
  • Where should I host my blog?
  • What should the URL be? 
  • Should I use Blogger, WordPress, or something else?
  • How often should I post?
  • What sort of tone should I use, friendly or business-like?  
  • How long or short should a blog post be?
  • And the biggie:  What should I write about?!
Remember, blogging is easy -- that's part of its charm.  But blogging well?  That's hard.

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