Tuesday, July 03, 2007

iPhone, uPhone, y'allPhone

These guys at Apple, Inc.? They know what they're doing. Is there any better case study fodder than Apple when it comes to rolling out new products? Forbes is impressed with their "Think Secret" way of launching the iPhone, where they created a vague impression of a shortage by simply not announcing a shipment number; in fact, they built plenty to go around, much to the chagrin of the overnight campers and cybersquatters looking to turn a profit on eBay. Turns out the launch of iPhone is more like launch of the Harry Potter book (July 21) and less like the Nintendo Wii (last Christmas). For the die-hard fans, Harry Potter will be an event -- a midnight party complete with balloons and a countdown. For everyone else, it's a book (they'll make more).

Oh and BTW, when your product is the subject of not one but two comic strips (Opus and FoxTrot) in the Sunday Globe, you've reached critical mindshare mass. Here's Opus getting his:

And yes, I want one. A lot. Especially since my iPod was stolen out of my car last month. When you consider the iPhone is the best iPod Apple's made to date, the phone part is a bonus and it's not a bad deal at $500.

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