Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, the powers that be at Lions Gate finally allowed us here in the NH Seacoast the opportunity to screen Michael Moore's documentary on the US health care debacle. Check out my link in my previous post (below). And check out the Lions Gate's web site -- I find it interesting that it's promoting some insipid teen movie instead of Sicko. I also find it interesting that despite the last-minute limiting of its release, Sicko is pulling in big bucks, out-pacing Oceans Thirteen, Nancy Drew, Shrek, and Surfs Up in far fewer theaters.

I saw it on Friday night, opening night at Regal Stadium 12 in Newington. The room was packed; I wisely bought tix ahead of time on Fandango just to make sure we got in.

Some have classified Sicko as a docu-comedy, because you will laugh out loud. (Moore has a deliciously acerbic wit.) But I call it a docu-horror movie. As in, it's horrifying. I was horrified by the way we treat our sick, poor, and elderly in this country. I was horrified to see how much better it is in countries from Canada to Cuba. I mean, I knew there was a problem with our for-profit health care system -- if not from the research and facts, but also intuitively and anecdotally. And Moore confirmed my worst fears. This is a movie that, like An Inconvenient Truth, everyone should see, regardless of your politics. The issues Moore raises are universal. They affect us all. Check it out for yourself and LMK what you think!

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Mel said...

Saw SiCKO in Concord. Makes me wish I was born Canadian. But then, our government's foreign policy makes me wish that, too. Has anyone noticed that even though Canadians are just as free and democratic, and their society is just as "decadent" by hard-line Islamist standards as the US, nobody is plotting to blow up any of their national landmarks? Could it be that the Canadians mind their own business and don't go around the world pissing people off?

Oh, I take it back. Canada is more democratic than the US. The US is really an oligarchy.