Thursday, July 19, 2007

This year's iteration of Concert for a Cure, written up here in today's Portsmouth Herald Spotlight, looks to be the best yet.

On the subject of the cause, I find this group's attitude toward breast cancer particularly refreshing -- they speak openly and honestly about it and aren't afraid to even joke about it. All too often, I've found myself in the situation of finding out about someone's diagnosis and being totally flummoxed and not knowing what, if anything, to say, ask, offer, or do. These proud, brave women tell it like it is, which opens everyone up to a more open, honest, and educational discussion on the scourge of cancer.

On the subject of the music, Bill Morrissey and Ben Baldwin are well enough known, but I highly recommend not missing Joyce Andersen's set at 3:05. She's awesome. And how Slaid Cleaves, with his talent and looks, hasn't blown up by now is beyond me.

Get your tix here and be there at Red Hook Brewery Saturday for all the fun.

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