Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple of My Eye

It's like a national holiday when Steve Jobs speaks! I'll be tuning in online at noon, anxiously awaiting news of an iPhone* update.

"There's something in the air." Hmmm... Is this a hint of some kind? Something to do with wi-fi or something wireless, perhaps?

I also note with interest that the Apple Store is down ahead of the big Macworld keynote address.

*BTW, I did finally find the eCoast's first iPhone at last week's eBrew! Mr. Erik Crago of Port City Web has purchased several, in fact, in order to equip himself and his team. He might be one of the most unlikely iPhone users, as one of his long-time favorite quotes is: "Apples are for eating." Just goes to show how far Apple Inc. has come over the past few years.

Ooops, Macworld is about to start. More later!

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