Monday, January 14, 2008

Local Boy Makes Good, Take II

A while back, I wrote about my old college buddy David Cummins, who had decided he wanted to try to break into showbiz. Due in no small part to his sticktoitiveness, Dave has met with an impressive amount of success, from local tv commercials to catalog modelling to bit parts in All My Children and even major motion pictures like Catch Me If You Can. His latest coup is appearing in the opening credits of a new Lifetime Television series, Matched in Manhattan.
It's a reality series starring Matt Titus, a "dating agent" who works with New York singles looking for true love. Dave's in a taxi and has a twinkle in his eye when a woman gets in, so look for my pal every Friday night at 9:3o! Or just click the link above to watch the first episode online. I just watched it; it's a pretty good show!

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