Thursday, January 10, 2008

See you tonight at the Press Room...

For the e-Coast Birthday Bash at the the e-Brew! This is your first chance to network and schmooze in 2008. And, there'll be cake. I mean really, who doesn't like cake? Nobody, right? (Well, except those of us with random food allergies. Stupid food allergies.) Oh and for those of you on Facebook, I've created an eCoast group and an eBrew event; check 'em out and if you know me, add me!
It won't just be high-tech chit-chat tonight, methinks. No doubt there'll be some discussion about our Primary election. I have to say, I'm finding it interesting if not refreshing to hear the pollsters and pundits eating crow over Hillary's so-called surprise victory. (My own predictions (see below) were actually pretty right on, actually, but only if you look at the voting rolls here in the Seacoast towns. My political barometer was not so good at predicting the Manchester, Nashua, and North Country, which makes sense seeing as I don't live there.) But the media mea-culpas keep coming, and it just goes to show you, like they say in the NFL, this is why they actually play the games.

The best news from the Primary? We in NH showed the nation, if not the world, why we deserve to be first in the nation. We know our politics cold -- the candidates and the media now know better than ever, there's no snowing us. And we show up to vote, this time in record numbers. Some polling stations were actually running out of ballots. Beat that Michigan!

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